The activity book that comes to life with the roll of a die.

Creating unique and inventive characters, objects, and locations becomes its own adventure as Roll For Your Life guides you through an entertaining and visually stunning journey where random chance plays a clever role in unlocking the power of your imagination.

Every chapter features full-color original art by Conor Nolan, accompanied by helpful and humorous interjections, explanations, and examples to make Roll For Your Life an essential companion for any storytelling project.

Mockup of the activity book'a cover design

Kickstarter successfully funded!

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The Roll For Your Life Kickstarter was a success! We are on our way to publishing a 15-chapter hard-cover compendium of our character & world-building activity book--and sharing it with a legion of like-minded dreamers and creators across the world!

You can still get your hands on exclusive loot while supplies last. Navigate with the link below to support us on our pre-order page-- secure your physical copy, get Roll For Your Life graphic T-shirts, character sheets to help organize your creations, and unique dice that match the look of the book.

Join us on this fully illustrated creative journey that begins with fiction's tropiest archetypes, then helps you rebuild them into unique and richly storied characters surrounded by vibrant and surprising creatures, tools, and locations.

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We are excited to release three fully illustrated chapters: Alien Species, Wizard, & Fantasy Tavern ! We'll continue to offer self-contained chapters in this PDF file format so you can pick and choose the heroes and monsters that fit best with your games, stories, or interests.

Free stuff. Yay! Download our fillable character sheet (in PDF format) here!

Wizard Chapter Cover



Be they penniless hermits or councilors to kings, wizards wield mystical powers from beyond the veil of reality. Often elderly, eccentric, solitary, and not entirely human, wizards knowingly or unknowingly play a major part in the grandest stories of their world. So put on your robe and wizard hat and crack the spine of this dusty old tome: the deep secrets of magic call to you!

Alien Species Chapter Cover

Alien Species


Alien civilizations are the space-faring lifeblood of any science fiction galaxy. This issue will help you populate your worlds with unique inhabitants: slimy or scaly, warlike or peaceful, monstrous or beautiful. It's time to take your first steps on a journey of discovery — the galaxy is vast, and your people's story is just beginning…

Fantasy Tavern Chapter Cover

Fantasy Tavern


Many an epic quest begins with friends new and old gathering 'round the crackling hearth of a cozy tavern. Fantasy taverns are a staple in tabletop roleplaying games and beyond. Top off your tankard, tighten your coin belt, and keep your senses sharp, friend — this will be a night to remember!

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3x Digital Issue Bundle


Buy two digital issues and get the third free! Don't miss this temporary discount. Bundle includes digital issues #1 Wizard, #2 Alien Species, & #3 Fantasy tavern in PDF file format.

Illustrations of a helicopter with famous loot, a jellyfish alien, and a thug

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